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Discover the city of Palafrugell from a different perspective by renting one of our luxury homes

The gates to the beautiful town of Palafrugell open to you

Palafrugell is one of the busiest tourist centres on the Costa Brava. Located only 10 km north of Palamos, the town will never cease to amaze you. 


Number of rooms

  1. 3+
  2. 4+
  3. 5+
  4. 6+

Equipment and Services

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Garden
  3. Children welcome
  4. Private parking space


  1. Countryside villas
  2. Event villas
  3. Family friendly villas
  4. Villas near the sea
  5. Villas with a garden
  6. Villas with a view of the ocean
  7. Villas with extra privacy
  8. Villas with swimming pool
  9. Waterfront villas
10 Villa Villas
437 € - 1 195 €per night
8 (9 max.) 4 2

Costa Brava - Palafrugell
437 4
135 € - 1 065 €per night
6 3 2

Costa Brava - Palafrugell
135 3
1 285 € - 2 067 €per night
11 6 4

Costa Brava - Palafrugell
1285 6
195 € - 478 €per night
8 4 4

Costa Brava - Palafrugell
195 4
178 € - 605 €per night
10 5 4

Costa Brava - Palafrugell
178 5
609 € - 944 €per night
10 5 5

Costa Brava - Palafrugell
609 5
792 € - 1 090 €per night
8 (10 max.) 4 4

Costa Brava - Palafrugell
792 4
170 € - 547 €per night
8 4 4

Costa Brava - Palafrugell
170 4
206 € - 698 €per night
10 5 3

Costa Brava - Palafrugell
206 5
170 € - 550 €per night
6 3 3

Costa Brava - Palafrugell
170 3

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Wonderful walks in Palafrugell 

Explore the imposing mountain of San Sebastian by following the routes that take you to magnificent viewpoints. It is possible to climb to the highest point by going to the San Sebastian lighthouse. The lighthouse is over 165 metres high, so you won't be disappointed ! It was from this mountain that the Iberian people controlled the sea, but also the land. To learn more about the history of this place, you can observe the historical remains of this civilization dating back to the 5ᵉ century BC: go to the small Iberian village of San Sebastian de la Guarda for a trip back in time that you won't soon forget ! 

Rent one of our luxury villas near a beach in Palafrugell

The beaches of Palafrugell are renowned for their beauty. Indeed, these paradisiacal places with their transparent water are a dream for holidaymakers. Relax on the warm sand and let the sound of the waves lull you to sleep. Some of our rental houses are located close to these dream beaches such as Lliris or Tamariu. Relaxing moments with friends or family are waiting for you.  Don't hesitate to venture out on foot along the small paths along the coastline. You can easily come across wonderful coves that are often less known to tourists. The most recommended ones are Aigua Dolça and Aigua Xelida. 

The Catalan architecture of Palafrugell 

If you are interested in Catalan art nouveau, Palafrugell has some treasures to show you, starting with the two most representative houses of this architectural style : the casas Miquel and Almeda, which you will find a few steps from the town centre. The Armstrong factory, the Palafrugense Economic Cooperative and the city's casino are all modernist buildings representative of this art form that you can admire simply by walking around. 

A local gastronomy that you won't forget ! 

It is impossible to pass through Palafrugell without stopping at its market ! Here fresh and regional products are served every morning to the delight of the whole family. The town's specialities are seafood and fish, which can be enjoyed fresh at any time of the day in most of the local restaurants. 

Our rental houses in Palafrugell 

Carefully selected by our experts, our luxury villas are the best in the region. Take a look at our collection and choose your favourite luxury home for a dream holiday. You can also take advantage of additional services such as maintenance agents or a chef to enjoy a fully relaxing stay. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of a villa rental in the destination Palafrugell?

VILLANOVO offers 10 villas in the destination Palafrugell with prices ranging from 135 € to 1285 € overnight. These rates include travel tips, accompaniment throughout the stay and other options included with the rental of the villa.

How does VILLANOVO select the villas?

VILLANOVO seeks villas offering unique and unforgettable experiences to its occupants. Exceptional geographical location, personalized services, luxury amenities and authenticity of the house are some of the criteria allowing us to add a house to our catalogue. The opinions of holidaymakers and the flexibility of the owners are also taken into account.